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New office in Indonesia

To meet demand we will outsource our software development and software support partially to our sister / partner organization PT GLM SISTEM Indonesia in Bogor Indonesia. This company is established 1 June 2017 in collaboration with our Indonesian partners and is managed by GLM Systems International Ltd.

We have started with a small team of software developers, all IT graduated, experienced and non-experienced.

The team is currently trained in e-Synergy, Exact Globe, Exact Macola, Exact Online, Exact SDK and our own add-ons and tools. We expect the team to have fully operational by the end of October. In the near future the team will also be handling your support questions. An announcement will follow.

For customers and resellers the contact persons remain same, Gijs Lamers and Glenn Madjid

Rules Engine

With this new add-on it is possible for end-users to add business-rules to Synergy Enterprise. No coding is needed.

Add intelligence to Synergy through automated information gathering and using workflow. Monitor events, trigger actions i.e. workflow request, messages etc


Workflow Plus Assign – Planned: Assign and Multiple: Assign

In the standard workflow you have to option to assign a request to a person. The assigning can only be done for the current active step / stage you will not have the option to plan somebody in future stages of the workflow.

The standard assign also allows you to only assign to one person.

With the Workflow Plus Assign you can assign multiple persons to the current step in the workflow and to future steps in the workflow. This way you are able to plan the person(s) who while be handling the next steps.