Import employees from excel into Exact Synergy Enterprise

Our Import Plus add-on has now the option to import employees from an excel file in Exact Synergy Enterprise via an import wizard.

The import wizard is started from Exact Synergy Enterprise and allows you to map your fields and after mapping you can import your employee data.

Import is done in 9 easy steps:

  1. Select the excel file with your employee data
  2. Select the excel sheet that need to be imported
  3. Select the header row if any
  4. Map the columns, when the columns follow the field description it will already automatically be mapped.
  5. Confirm the type of the fields for the correct formatting
  6. Select the data to be imported
  7. Start your import
  8. See the summary of the results
  9. Save your steps as a template when the Excel file with the same format will be imported on a regular basis

Including this new enhancements the Import Plus now supports:

  • Items
  • Projects
  • Documents & Attachments
  • Employees / Persons

You are looking for other data to be imported let us know so when can extend the Import Plus module to add your requirement.