Document Plus Free fields

Document Plus Free Fields
Document Plus Free Field setup

Document Plus Free fields

30 Extra free fields to classify your documents

In Synergy, you may find times when you wish to add a free field to a document type. This is useful when wishing to sort or filter documents.

Standard Synergy allows you to save documents based upon Account, Assortment, Financial, Item, Opportunity, Service Contract, Service Configuration, Project or Person.

The add-on Document Plus Free fields provides 30 extra free fields.


  • Additional free fields to be used for Documents:
    • Free Text Fields (5) (also used as a GUID for Country, Items & Projects)
    • Free Amount Fields (5)
    • Free Date Fields (5)
    • Free Number Fields (5) (also used as a GUID for People & Assortments)
    • Free Yes / No Fields (5)
    • Free GUID Fields (5) (also used as a GUID for Requests, Documents &Accounts)
  • Free fields available in Document Search & Pivot Analysis
  • Labels can be applied to all Free fields
  • Fields can be mandatory
  • Default values are allowed
  • Selection values can be used

Product Description

General Information

  • Implementation: 0.5 day
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • ‘Enabling add-on solution’ Role needed: Yes
  • Price: POA
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Developed by: GLM Systems

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