Exact Online integration

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Exact Online integration

Data and Workflow functionality integrated between Exact Online and Synergy Enterprise

Data is bi-directional. Data can be both maintained in EOL and ESE. In ESE you can create, modify, remove and recode and data in EOL will automatically be updated. The same happens if you work the other way around from EOL.

Data exchange is flexible, you use standard pre-defined mappings or you create your own mappings. Mappings can be set per company.

EOL processes can be integrated with the ESE workflow. Workflow requests can automatically be generated. For example purchase orders created in EOL that will have a workflow automatically created in ESE for approval of the purchase order. The setup of this feature is easy since the mappings are also easy to setup.

The moment a workflow request is created from EOL you have to go through an number of steps, depending on the setup. This process once finished will initiate an action, which can be generating, editing or deleting data in EOL. The setup is flexible. You configure the rules when certain action should be processed.

The data integration works for Accounts, Addresses, Assets, Asset groups Contacts, Cost centers, Cost units, Depreciation methods, Divisions, Documents, Exchange rates, Financial year and periods, G/L accounts Items, Payment conditions, Projects, Purchase orders, Users.


  • Data integration
  • Integration with ESE workflow

Product Description

General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • ‘Enabling add-on solution’ Role needed: Yes
  • Price: POA
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Developed by: GLM Systems

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Development Platform

  • C#.Net
  • SQL


  • CRM
  • HRM
  • Logistics
  • Documents
  • Workflow