Report Menu Editor

Report Menu Editor

Do you have custom Crystal Reports or Exact Globe Excel add-in reports? Now you will start these reports via the Exact Globe menu [System/Processing/Generate all reports] or via Excel. With the Exact Globe Report Menu Editor you can add these reports to the standard Exact Globe menu.

What are the advantages with this tool:

  • Reports easily accessible, you don’t have to wait anymore till all reports are loaded which is currently the case when viewing your report via the Exact Globe Menu [System/Processing/Generate all reports].
  • Excel reports also directly started from your Exact Globe menu instead of looking for the report on your PC.
  • Distribution of your reports more easy, the menu tool will install your reports automatically via the Exact Globe network installer to the user PC.
  • After you have added your reports to the Exact Globe menu you can assign the appropriate roles via the Exact Globe menu [System/HR & Security/Security Roles] to determine who can view which report.

You will have the following features in the menu tool:

  • Add your report menu link by using drag and drop functionality.
  • Creation of new module in which your reports can be added. Next to the standard modules ‘Finance’, ‘Purchase’ and ‘Sales’ and other you can add your own module ‘Reports’. In this module you separate your reports again in sub modules for example ‘Finance’ reports and ‘Logistic’ reports.
  • You also have the option to add your report in between standard existing functions. For example you have a finance report you can add this finance report in your standard Exact Globe menu [Finance/Reports]
  • Do you have different administrations with different reports this is no problem as the Report Menu Editor will create and maintain a menu per administration.
  • When you have added all the reports in the Report Menu Editor you can save the menu and with one click distribute the reports related to the menu to your user PC.
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Product Description

General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
    (by customer or consultant)
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • SDK client module* needed: No
  • Price: On request
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Contact: Contact us
  • Developed by: GLM Systems

Language Software

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Other (language supported by Exact Globe, user manual only in English or Dutch)

Exact Product Line

  • Exact Globe

Development Platform

  • VB6.0


  • Module independent

* SDK client module is a module from Exact which will enable any customization or add-on which is made using the SDK (Software Development Toolkit). In case this module is needed and you don’t have this module in your license the module need to be purchased from Exact, your reseller or from us.