Scan Supplier Barcode

Scan Supplier Barcode

For your products the supplier provided a barcode on the product or on the packaging of the product. In Exact Globe you have the option to store this barcode via the item by supplier application. However in the inventory, order and invoice related applications this barcode can’t be used as these applications expect an item code instead of barcode. 

You have an item code CTCRM015A251G which is a watch the supplier will provide a barcode ‘4006381333627’ on the packaging, by scanning this bar code into for example your sales order application the data shown in the item field will be the barcode ‘4006381333627’ from the supplier. But the data you need is the item code CTCRM015A251G, the Scan Supplier Barcode add-on will pick the item code from the scanned barcode.

The Exact Globe Scan Supplier Barcode add-on will translate the barcode into the item code which is accepted in the inventory, order and invoice applications. The moment you scan the barcode on the product the add-on will first check if the barcode can be found if found the related item code will be entered in the item field.

The following applications are supported:

  • Sales Order
  • Direct invoice
  • Interbranch transfer
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Product Description

For each of these applications the user can scan the barcode and the corresponding item code will be filled in the item field. As additional feature a excel template is included which can upload a list of barcodes based on the item. This maybe needed when the supplier can provide you with a list of barcodes for new products, in this case you don’t have to update the barcode at the item by supplier application one by one.

General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
    (by customer or consultant)
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • SDK client module* needed: Yes
  • Price: On request
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Contact: Contact us
  • Developed by: GLM Systems

Language Software

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Other (language supported by Exact Globe, user manual only in English or Dutch)

Exact Product Line

  • Exact Globe

Development Platform

  • VB6.0
  • SQL


  • Inventory
  • Order
  • Invoice

* SDK client module is a module from Exact which will enable any customization or add-on which is made using the SDK (Software Development Toolkit). In case this module is needed and you don’t have this module in your license the module need to be purchased from Exact, your reseller or from us.