HubSpot integration


HubSpot integration

Bi-directional data transfer between HubSpot and Synergy Enterprise

Your company is using HubSpot and ESE and to better be able to share, to process, to change and to analyze information and to be able to generate better reports, you want automated transfer of data between the two systems.

The HubSpot ESE integration is bi-directional and flexible. You can decide on what information is transferred and in which direction. The following data is supported by default:

  • Import Contacts in ESE
  • Export Contacts to HubSpot
  • Import Contact Lists in ESE
  • Export Contact Lists to HubSpot


  • Bi-directional data integration between HubSpot and ESE

Product Description

General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • ‘Enabling add-on solution’ Role needed: Yes
  • Price: POA
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Developed by: GLM Systems in collaboration with

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Exact Product Line

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Development Platform

  • C#.Net
  • C#.NET
  • SQL


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