Workflow Plus Multiple approval

Workflow Plus Multiple approval

Increase the number of steps in a workflow request by having multiple approvers per status

 When a workflow request needs to be approved by more approvers issues may occur:

  • A single workflow is limited to only 4 steps. If more than 3 users are involved in the workflow request you must create, even if you make use of the ESE ‘Process flow’ feature, at least 2 different requests
  • Searching on requests which are using the ‘Process flow’ requires multiple searches

This add-on provides the following features:

  • The request will only move to the next stage when all users having the request in their workflow have approved, realized or processed
  • Allows for 2 additional roles for each step, with the option to have only one person of each role approve the request before moving to the next stage
  • Status of every stage is easy to check: The request steps shown above the request displays the details by whom the request already has been approved, realized or processed in case action is required by more than one user
  • Multiple approval works also with ‘My Workflow bulk actions’
  • In ‘My Workflow’ the user can see which requests are approved, realized, processed or realized and processed. The request shown will also display the requests which still have the action required by all users
  • Workflow Search also shows per status the requests which still require action
  • For easier track and trace in Workflow Search 3 new columns have been added.


  • Request must be “Approved” by all members of the Role before advancing to the next stage
  • This tool can be used in workflow requests for the following status flows:
    • Approve
    • Realize
    • Process
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Product Description


General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: No
  • ‘Enabling add-on solution’ Role needed: Yes
  • Price: POA
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Contact: Contact us
  • Developed by:
    GLM Systems

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