Crystal Report Layout

Crystal Report Layout

With the add-on Exact Globe Crystal Report Layout you can now directly view your Crystal report made by your consultant without first finishing your standard printing/processing and afterwards go to the system/generate/generate all reports menu. 

For example when you have a crystal report for your invoice because the standard layout has certain limitations. In your current process you will have the following steps to complete the print/process operation for your invoicing:

  • Print/process your invoice in Exact Globe via [Invoice/Entries/Print / Process] menu.
  • Open the System/General/Generate all reports to select your crystal report invoice made by your consultant.
  • Enter the invoice number and start your crystal report.

With the Exact Globe Crystal Report Layout add-on the user only has to:

  • Print/process your invoice in Exact Globe via [Invoice/Entries/Print / Process] menu.

In addition when printing the invoice from the System/General/Generate all reports there is no document created in Exact Globe and from the invoice history you can’t see if the Crystal report invoice is already printed. The Exact Globe Crystal Report Layout will also store a document with attachment in Exact Globe and by looking at the attachments in Invoice/Reports/Invoice History you can see the Crystal report document. For the invoice when doing a preview or trial print the crystal report will also be displayed by the Exact Globe Crystal Report Layout add-on.

With the Exact Globe Crystal Report Layout add-on the following layouts in Exact can directly be printed as a Crystal report:

  • Sales invoice
  • Direct invoice
  • Credit note
  • Sales order confirmation
  • Picking list
  • Delivery note
  • Sales new return
  • RMA return
  • Purchase order
  • Purchase receipt
  • Purchase new return
  • RTV return
  • Production issue
  • Production receipt
  • Interbranch transfer
  • Location transfer
  • Count


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Product Description

General Information

  • Implementation: 1 day
    (by customer or consultant)
  • Maintenance plan available: Yes
  • User manual available: Yes
  • SDK client module* needed: Yes
  • Price: On request
  • Available for resale: Yes
  • Contact: Contact us
  • Developed by: GLM Systems

Language Software

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Other (language supported by Exact Globe, user manual only in English or Dutch)

Exact Product Line

  • Exact Globe

Development Platform

  • VB6.0
  • SQL


  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Manufactering

* SDK client module is a module from Exact which will enable any customization or add-on which is made using the SDK (Software Development Toolkit). In case this module is needed and you don’t have this module in your license the module need to be purchased from Exact, your reseller or from us.